Top Luxury Group emphasises Bitcoin mining and subsequent cryptocurrency trading on global exchanges. Top Luxury Group primary mining capacity, as well as our head office, are located in Canada, Toronto. We have enough servers and ASIC-miners here capable of Bitcoin mining.

    The minimum sum allowed for withdrawal is 1$. No other limits are in place.

    The minimum is $50, and the maximum is $500,000. However, there is always an option to consider personal terms on placing your investments with us.

    All requests are processed within 48 working hours if there is one for dividend withdrawal and there is a 72-wlorking-hour limit to process an application for withdrawal of the principal amount.

    If you are located in the Eastern part of the globe, then it is pretty simple. All investment transactions are made using the Toronto time zone. It is Toronto where we have the centre responsible for the software management and also where our head office is. So, when it is Monday for you, it is still Sunday for us, and no business is done at the weekend.

    Yes. However, the company expects a 72% commission on the invested amount

    You can use the clock on our website for this purpose as they show the server time.

    You can register one partner from the same IP address.

    You can make any number of investments using the same investment offer. Alternatively, you can also use all our investment offers simultaneously. As for the investment process, there are no set limits.

    Yes. The partner reward is paid out for an investment made using an external payment process as well as for the one made using the account balance your partner at any level of your referral structure.

    Unfortunately, you cannot.

    No, this is not possible.

    You will need to use a password restoration form which will help you to do it by sending instructions to the email you specified upon registering an account with us.

    To change your account password, please, go to your account and use the function in the settings.

    You can always do it yourself by making necessary changes using the function in the corresponding section in your account.

    This can only be done by contacting our client support team.

    8.00 to 20.00 Nothern Time. Every day, including weekends.

    Days in business