About us

    A range of factors stipulates the increase in demand on cryptocurrencies on the global financial markets.

    The most crucial are anonymity, transactional security and availability of any commercial operations in any part of the world using the cryptocurrencies.

    This popularity explains the global demand for cryptocurrency with an absolute leader in it being Bitcoin.

    While choosing various ways of business development, Top Luxury Group employed exactly that principle of high demand on Bitcoin among financial institutions and clients. As it is well known, the higher the demand, the larger amount of offers can flood the global cryptocurrency market. This does mean not only a high capital turnover but also a stable income for all participants.

    This is why our company makes emphasis on Bitcoin mining and subsequent cryptocurrency trading on the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges of the world.

    Our primary mining resources, as well as the head office, are located in Toronto, Canada. We have enough servers and ASIC-miners here to do Bitcoin mining.

    The relentless strive to increase our capital and upgrade mining resources has made Top Luxury Group the leader of the North American Bitcoin mining market.


    We take our cryptocurrency popularisation and development mission very seriously and striving to create all necessary conditions to entrench our positions on the global cryptocurrency trading and mining market.

    In particular, the Top Luxury Group team is always in the process of increasing skills and qualifications essential to this process. Today, the company has one of the best professional teams for mining and crypto trading in the world.

    Our software engineers create unique programmes for monitoring Bitcoin exchange rate tendencies while automated mining specialists are both constantly updating the ASIC-miner we already have and the ASIC systems which are in the development process now.

    Our values are increasing credibility and creating better conditions for cooperation for all interested parties.

    Launching our new investment program online is a serious step forward for Top Luxury Group with the aim of provision of the most comfortable and secure conditions allowing for dynamic growth of our company and investors.

    Attracting new investors to the process is necessary for raising profit levels and strengthening our positions on te global crypto mining market.

    We assume that open collaboration by being in mutually beneficial partnership providing for the growth of investor and company's incomes is the most progressive, fair, transparent and mutually beneficial approach for investment process organisation, which is what a Canadian company Top Luxury Group is offering.

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