Privacy Policy

    One of the cornerstone policies of Top Luxury Group is this Privacy Policy. We assume that the right to integrity and confidentiality of personal data is the way to uphold international regulatory and legal standards to which all process participants would adhere. The company collects individual elements of investors' personal data as well as some from the website users who, although might not create an account, nevertheless use our website. All data which we can collect ourselves including these supplied by the users are stored in full confidentiality.

    What details may we receive from Investors and our website users on our own?

    These will be the details which can be collected and processed with the use of legitimate software and hardware elements. In particular, we can collect the data about your OS, Internet providers, IP address, PC characteristics, the browser you are using, etc. Apart from this, we can gather information about your Top Luxury Group website preferences it to make it more optimised and usable by processing cookie files.

    What data can you collect on request?

    Primarily, we seek details which are necessary for an Investor to create an account with us and also personal data required for making investments, payments and for the security while using the website. We may also request additional details in certain situations. For example, when a more detailed Investor personal verification required.

    All personal data provided by Investors as well as those collected by ourselves will not be passed to third parties under any circumstances, except for the cases where authorised governmental representatives make a request.

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