These Terms of Service (the Agreement) are agreed and accepted by Top Luxury Group (the Company) on one side and by an individual of 18 years old and above in any other jurisdiction on the other (the Investor). This Agreement regulates the relationship arising by creating a personal account on the Company's website, www.topluxurygroup.com

    Subject of the Agreement

    The company provides consultative and information services and also accepts for management funds of the Investor promising pay profits in return for the agreement with the investment offers.

    The Investor accepts and agrees with the fact that they provide his/her funds under Company's management voluntarily.

    The Company's obligations

    The Company undertakes to pay the Investor profit in agreement with the Investment offers published in the Investment section of the website;

    The Company commits itself to provide consulting services to the Investor concerning explaining its investment proposals and the process.

    The Company commits itself to provide client support services to the Investor and to advise on any difficulties the Investor might run into regarding the investment process, personal account or fund withdrawal.#

    The Company's rights

    The Company has the right to:

    • Suspend cooperation with any Investor if is has been proven that a violation of this Agreement and policies has taken place;
    • Resume cooperation upon fixing the violations by the Investor;
    • Pay profits to the Investor;
    • Set out a certain amount of profit and partner reward;
    • Introduce new investment offers;
    • Suspend the website's operation to add upgrades, updates and for maintenance;
    • Request the Investor to abide the intellectual property rights of the Company;
    • Send out informational, introductory and advertising messages to the email address specified by the Investor;
    • Make promos and other events aimed at popularising and development of the investment program;
    • Introduce amendments and modifications to these Terms of Service as well as to any other section of the Company's website;
    • Charger a commission for pre-term withdrawal of the principal deposit of the Investor;
    • Employ all available lawful means to realise all policies of the Company.
    Other terms

    All sections of the Company's website are a substantial part of this Agreement regarding abiding and respecting these terms on the Investor's side.

    Days in business